Which SpectralLayers One 7 version comes with Cubase 11?

I am wondering which Spectral Layers 7 version Steinberg included in Cubase 11? It is really puzzling since it runs also standalone which was imho never the case with these SE VSTi’s Cubase had/has onboard. Looking to the version information is just says SpectralLayers One 7, no Elements nor SE or whatsoever.

Now in the store you can only choose updates from previous versions or from Elements. Does it again mean there is no upgrade path from this add-on of Cubase 11?

The version is 7.0.20

yes you have to buy Elements or full version

Yes, upgrade paths are only available from SL6 Pro/Elements, SL 7 Elements, or RX (crossgrade).

SL is indeed both an ARA plugin and a standalone application. The standalone doesn’t offer the ARA connectivity, but has some additional features (mainly related to project management/formatting).

The last several pages of the SpectraLayers Pro 7 manual shows the differences between the “Pro”, “Elements”, and “One” editions. (As far as I can tell, the “One” edition is what comes with Cubase 11). You can download the manual from the Steinberg web site. (I can’t attached a pdf file here apparently).

Thank you for that info. On how to find the comparison chart.