Which Steinberg mobile apps are Android-supported?

Hi everyone,

If this is not in the correct forum, please redirect my post. Alternatively, if there’s already a thread in existence covering the following, please kindly link me to it.

I’d like to find out which of the following apps are Android supported. Please kindly take a look at the following Apple-compatibility list, as originally listed on Steinberg’s website under the mobile apps section:

  • Cubase iC Pro: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

  • Cubasis 2: iPad

  • Cubasis LE 2: iPad

  • dspMixFx: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

  • LoopMash: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

  • LoopMash HD: iPad

  • Nanologue: iPad

  • Smart Click: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

  • Studio Pass for VST Connect Pro: iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

  • VST Connect Performer: iPad

Thank you.


P.S. This is STRICTLY for those who maintain the Steinberg website: Cubasis LE 2’s Apple link isn’t working while LoopMash & LoopMash HD’s Apple links are missing from their respective web pages. I’m just letting you know! :mrgreen:

This is the Cubase forum, you may want to post this in the Cubasis forum.

It seems like someone already moved it

Thanks for the heads-up though.

Hi JD,

Thanks for your message.

As of yet, all our apps are compatible with iOS.
We constantly monitor the market to check the options to support other platforms in the future.


Hi Lars,

This I have clearly noticed. It’s a real pity that we’re seeing such bad support for the Android platform (no offense). Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple, but I hate feeling forced to buy it. I don’t tend to stick to the same platform every generational-upgrade, but I feel like a lot of app developers out there are forcing us to stick with Apple unless we’re OK with losing virtually ALL app functionality (which I’m clearly not). Why is this? Can anyone perhaps fill me in on why we’re seeing such poor support for Android? Is there really no market? I strongly doubt this. Quite preposterous if you ask me. :frowning: Does Apple have some kind of monopoly on these things and are they forcing app developers to support them EXCLUSIVELY and at the expensive of other mobile phone companies. I’m getting all conspiratorial now, haha, but I can’t quite wrap my head around this! :laughing:

Seriously though, I was really considering getting a Samsung phone-upgrade this generation, but now I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting Apple once again because I’m stuck with it because of app-exclusivity. This is REALLY upsetting to say the least… :cry:

Maybe, it’s because the Apple platform is reliable, that the developers focus there. Apple can’t “force” anyone to do anything. If anyone should be accused of that, it would be the developers, but I’m sure that "forcing’ is their motivation.

Apple just WORKS!