Which tool is the best to get rid of this glitch...?


I have exported a song in 64 bits Float and 48 000 Hz. I figured out, when I am at the last step for mastering, I start hearing some glitch, little spike here and there… I really would like to get rid of them. The big problem is that my computer doesn’t want to open back my cubase file, because my computer is not enough powerful to open it… I would need to go to the studio, but I can’t because of the COVID19. So, basically, I have to deal with this problem, no matter how. I know I hear a glitch, but I don’t know how it’s called in Spectralayers 7 Pro. From all tool in the menu, Menu

I don’t really know which one to use to get rid of the glitch. It’s at low level, around -40 dB as you can see at the end of the text.

I’ve been able to figure out where the sound is. When I unmix my song into stems. The glitch is coming from the DRUM section and when I separate the DRUM STEM into Transient, Tonal and Noise, the glitch is in the Noise layer. I selected the shape in the Composite view and I ask to Spectralayers 7 Pro to “Select similar”, but he pick too much or he pick nothing. I don’t really know how to use Spectralayers 7 Pro to pick up only the exact shape that I’ve selected. If you would be in my position, how would you approach this problem? Have you ever had to fix this kind of problem for your client? What have you done with Spectralayers Pro 7? What could I’ve done differently in my mix to not have those kind of glitch here and there…

I have the Compositve view and the Wave view.

Thanks a lot for your time and your help!

When I used Izotope RX, it had a declick tool that could be configured to fix discontinuity errors. I have no idea what tools in Spectralayers might be used to fix discontinuity, other than click repair, or manual redraw.

Thanks Poinzy for sharing this information! I know now that I’m looking for fixing discontinuity errors! I will try to read the manual to find more information about theses kinds of errors. Also, I will have a look to Izotope RX since it’s been a tool you have been using to help you with the same kind of errors.

I suggest trying Spectralayers click repair @ pixel width = 4, threshold = 1dB to see if that helps. No sense in buying more software unnecessarily.

Thanks a lot @Poinzy ! I’ve been working only in Spectralayers Pro as you suggested and I got most of the discontinuity errors out of the project with the setting you told me " click repair @ pixel width = 4, threshold = 1dB" ! Still, there is about 20 to 30 left that I will be doing manually, but it’s way much less and my overall sound is smoother! :slight_smile: