Which UR?


I want to buy one of these, they look fab, but don’t want to pay for something I don’t really need, please can you help?

I have Windows 10, intel core i7 9700k processor and would like to record vocals, guitar, synths and acoustic piano. It would be good if there were two headphone outputs so we could both listen in. We wouldn’t really be recording more than two maybe three things at once, vocals and guitar or piano and vocals and guitar. We need midi to connect up synths and output to monitor speakers might be nice.

I was looking at the UR44 but wondered if the 242 might be better? Also, is it right that I don’t need to plug an electric guitar into an amp first?

Sorry for all the questions, been out of the loop with music tech for a long while. If I am better off getting something that is slightly more expensive but a bit overkill for future proofing please say so.

Thanks for your help.

Hi! The UR44 is a much better Audio Interface and for what you want to use it for (imo)! I have: UR22, UR44 & UR 824.

The UR44 has 2 headphone inputs (as you wanted). The UR22 has only 1.

The UR44 has MIDI input (might be good if you’re using MIDI keyboards, MIDI whatever…). I dont Think UR22 has MIDI-connection, but it might have it…

The UR44 has more (I Think 4) Inputs/Outputs, so you can connect more (max 4 I Think or even more maybe) devices at the same time. The UR22 has 2 Inputs/outputs, thus you can only connect like 2 instruments at the same time with it (I Believe)…

The UR44 served me well for many Years! It also has “zero latency” technology with in-built dsp effects (Reverb, Guitar Amps, Compressor and EQ) that you can take advantage of (I dont Think the UR22 has that if I remember correctly).

Well that’s about it I Think! Just do your reserach well and you’ll find what fits your needs the best! :slight_smile: No Point in spending more Money than needed, but I Believe you wont be dissapointed with the UR44!

Regards, Robin Gardner