Which USB interface to buy for 600 ohm headphones?

I have the DT 770 600 ohm version, which USB interface can I buy?

I was told that neither UR22 mk2, UR242 or UR44 can drive 600 ohm headphones properly. Will I lose sound clarity, soundstage, and in general quality?

ESI Maya 44 USB+
Only RCA jacks (i.e. unbalanced) and no seperate volume control for the headphone out though.

Apart from this, other possible options (all with mic inputs though I think):
Focusrite Scarlett
Presonus AudioBox
Mackie Onyx Producer
Tascam US-

I was recently shopping for a similar spec’ed ‘bedroom producer’ USB interface and went with the Steinberg UR22 mkII in the end. Seems fine so far, but I have no comparison to others.

you should buy headphone amplifier to power