Which USB-powered device should I buy - UR22?

Been pondering this today and the UR22mkII is looking a possibility. I need a USB powered device to get round my problem with the Lexicon Omega running noisy on an inverter (9V AC - yes AC! input). I have been looking at the available kit. The audient iD4 looked possible as did the Presonus i2. The guy at GAK (UK suppliers) was suggesting Focusrite Scarlett. The base version of that has no headphone mix adjustment which I like when, for example, jamming an acoustic guitar lead onto existing. Do some interfaces have better mic/instrument preamps that mean they can charge more for less functionality? Also - How does more recently released hardware compare with the ageing Omega? I’m not really fussed about the free software as I already have Cubase. The UR22 seems to tick a lot of boxes - it also has midi just in case I end up composing some parts on keys. How good is the UR22? Any feedback :unamused: on this would be very welcome. Thank you. XX

I just purchased the Audient iD22, and I could not be happier!!! The AD/DA conversion and mic pre quality is unbelievably better than the Steinberg UR824 I’ve been using. I’m not saying the UR824 is bad, but the Audient is just WAY better. Much clearer conversion with more depth, and beautiful mic preamps. I’m keeping the UR824 to use the preamps via light pipe into the Audient for sessions where I need more inputs. Just my two cents worth!

Good luck!


Thanks Ken, I’m trying the UR22mkII for the time being as I needed to get a move on and record some stuff before I lost the vein of energy (but to be fair I subsequently found out that the preamp spec figures might be better on the focusrite.) It seems to connect nice and quick with the laptop/Cubase and is convenient to power up and transport. It seems clear enough with clean mics. (The dodgy SE2200A mic seemed to need cranking up thus giving a false noise result). Cheers X