which version and computer?

im just trying to upgrade my system. currently still using Cubase on windows xp (yes very old), mainly because im a technophobe - happy with using Cubase but useless at computer tech etc so really struggle with installing such things.

looking for any advice as to which version to get and which computer - pro 10 or artist 10. with a Steinberg interface. I currently have a focusrite interface and have a focusrite \isa TWO pre amp.

as everything ive ever tried to install has gone wrong (paid someone to do it all eventually last time), would I be better off buying a pc with everything already installed, or are the new versions easy to do these days??

any advice would be appreciated. cheers.


Here, you can find system requirements and Cubase editions comparison.

I would recommend to ask a company specialised for the saling computers to the studios. They have proven systems available and they can optimise the system for DAW purposes.

As to PC/Mac like Martin said, if you not comfortable with doing this yourself better get someone who will do it for you as for Cubase version that depends on what you do and what you need the DAW for.

If you more of a “live instruments” guy and just want to record and mix/produce some of your own stuff then Artist will be more than enough for you.
If you want to do proper studio recording and producing for others then Pro version offers more options and expand on some of the tools shared with the “lower” versions of Cubase.