Which version of CUBASE 12 comes with instruments?


I’m currently testing Cubase Elements 12 and am surprised to see there is no VST instruments included at all, no piano, no strings, no bass, etc.
I believe this was the case in the past (it’s been years since my last use)
Can somebody tell me which version comes with at least a few VST instruments?

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

These instruments are included in HALion Sonic SE, which is part of Cubase license. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the instrument and also the content, please.

If you look on the Steinberg Cubase website they have a “product comparison” page which details exactly what you get with each version of Cubase? Elements also gives you Groove Agent as well as Halion SE. The latter will give you all the sounds etc you mention and Groove agent is a great virtual drummer. But… you download them separately from the program.

I have found that using the download manger and activation manager the easiest way to do this nowadays.

Hope that helps

I have checked the Cubase comparison, but didn’t found the informations regarding the VST instruments (what was included or not)
I have installed Groove Agent and Halion with Cubase 12 Elements, but the VST instruments library remains empty…I don’t get it.
Thank you

There is a way to tell Cubase where to look for the VSTs if they are not located in the default folders. However off the top of my head and away from the studio I can’t remember or look up how I did it - anyone else?

When I am back in there later today I’ll look but in the meantime try searching the internet for “Cubase 12- locating VSTs”.

I had this issue a year ago when upgrading from older version of Cubase where previous instruments had been put in different folders.

If no one else gets back to you I will try later today.

Good luck!

How to get Cubase seeing all vsts

This may help…

So you did download the Content as well? Groove Agent and Halion are just the instruments, the content is a separate download.

Did you also check with the Library Manager for all installed instruments?

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