Which version of Cubase Pro

My friend is currently using Logic Pro and decided to sale his Cubase Pro. He has already deleted his USB-elicenser registration.
I am planning to get that Cubase Pro.

But there is no version name of Cubase Pro is printed on the box (image attached). Only it is mentioned there that “Free Update in Current Version”. There are an USB-elicenser dongle and activation code in the box.

I just want to know if I get that Cubase Pro then which version of Cubase Pro shall I get? and whether shall I face any issue for USB-elicenser registration?

You get the version his license is for, which can be seen in the elicenser control center while the USB key in plugged in.

Here Steinberg is declaring that "The re-registration can be made by the new owner and does not differ from the registration of newly purchased Steinberg software.
As there is no version mentioned on the box and mentioned “Free Update to Current Version” then should I not get Current Version of Cubase i.e. 10 (as per Steinbergs’s delaration)?


If your friend had installed and registered the version already with the license download, then he knows what version it is. If he hadn’ t downloaded the license yet, you will probably get the update to the „current version“. Not everyone gets an update to the „current version“ each time the software is sold.