which version of Halion comes with Cubase 7

I have a question:

Which version of Halion is the one that is already included in Cubase 7?
Is it Halion Sonic ? Or is it Halion Sonic SE? And what’s the difference between the two?



it is Haltion Sonic SE.



somewhere in the forum I found a comparsion…

In a few words: HALion Sonic is a “player” edition of the full HALion. You have a lot of settings to customize sounds (Filters, LFOs, Effects) but you can not work with user samples.
HALion Sonic SE has a smaller sample library then HALion Sonic and less customizing capabilities.

Hope that helps you!


Aloha guys,
Just to chime in:

I believe that the HASE version that comes with C7
is slightly different that the C6.5 version.

Don’t know if there are actual new samples with C7 but there
are new (and more) HASE ‘pre-sets’ compared with C6.


Yes I can see Halion Sonic and HSSE,

But Halion 4 is on a whole different level.
It is a real full fledged sampler.

The other two are just sample playback devices
with some additional features (from Halion) and some editing.

You can’t even import aifs or wav files into HASONIC or HSSE.
Maybe with the next up-grade.