Which video codec then?

So the latest video update release notes state:

Blackmagic Decklink native codec formats Photo JPEG (Mac) and Motion JPEG (Windows) do not playback without skipping in projects with more than 50% audio processing load.

I’m using a black magic card and am wondering if there is a codec that I can use in order to not make the video play back WITHOUT skipping. Or am I just stuck with this until it’s “sorted out” or until Apple comes out with a 64 bit version of quicktime?

I’ve had a lot of luck with Apple ProRes (proxy) at 720p / whatever frame rate you need.

There’s QT playback CODECS available for Mac (of course) and PC at Apple’s web site.

I don’t know how to encode with ProRes on PC though.

On a Mac you can do it with the new Compressor ($50 US)… though it can be fussy about non-Quicktime input formats.

PAV Tube’s iMedia Converter ( Pavtube iMedia Converter Mac – A professional, fast, all-inclusive Mac Blu-ray backup tool and video converter ) is a good alternative for ProRes out… plus a bunch of other CODECs and transcoding jobs ( $65 US).



You can’t.

So no other options? So the situation is:

  1. I can’t use the 64 bit version of my app (thereby not utilizing all of my ram) because there is no 64 bit version of Quicktime.

  2. There isn’t a codec I can use with the 32 bit version of Nuendo that will not give me herky/jerky video when my project is over 50% asio.

Wow, this is supposed to be a Post app and this is really pathetic. Hopefully these snags will be taken care of this year.

Have fun barking up this tree.

Yip Yip Yip.

Did you try the uncprompressed Blackmagic ones?
Using PAL or NTSC resoultions you might be lucky with a fast extra drive…
I use QTpro on the pc for transcoding.



my life has changed since I use this soft.

Full HD prores files (20-60GB per hour) on slave machine with timecode over ipmidi - with countdown over midi as an addition.

MTC Video Slave - Yeah, great software tool - I also tried it due to the massive video problems in N5.

But that is definitely not the solution!

Nuendo is called media post production flagship. That´s why I´m paying the triple of cubase prize!
But for what, when video engine is lacking?? Is it the AAF function? Unfortunately modern Avid HD AAFs are not working in N5 (AAF does not work! - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums), and I have to decode them in Pro Tools.
So it is the crossfade editor, and the “better” automation structure. “Passes & Branches” are really great, but not that important in daily mixing business. What I really would need, is capturing automation, developments in copying and editing automation, touch/latch-modi, just some of this simple little features which are making Pro Tools the more modern mixing tool right now. And after this, I can think about passes and braches.

I really would like to see approvements for daily media post production in nuendo, not just some of the new cubase features. And on top of this list the video engine has to be rock solid (doesn’t have any pt video issues on same machine!)
As you see, I´m really getting a bit nervous…

Quote Dominik:
I really would like to see approvements ( Big K adds: and fixes…) for daily media post production in nuendo, not just some of the new cubase features. And on top of this list the video engine has to be rock solid …


Without´getting nervous, though. Just the state of doubt rises against that of the diminishing credibility…
Nothing new, but it causes a nagging urge to look over the fence and get familiar with other DAWs.
Nothing changes…
Btw., … I’d love to hear what SB’s budget for advertising, promotion and sponsoring is.
I haven’t noticed any market penetrating actions or promotion for a long time, if there was any…ever…
After so many years there are too many people out there who don’t even know the name of our DAW.
Stops building i-phone aps and create some buzzz…

If you can’t even sell an upgrade to one person who says he wants to buy it I’m not sure how much promotion/sponsoring will help… unfortunately…

I’m little confused with feature and stability policy of developers too. I’m not saying mtcvideoslave is a solution for postproduction in Nuendo but it’s a remedy to current problems.
To be honest, every quarter I have a “I"m done with Nuendo” syndrom but so far I’m too lazy to move, I know this soft in a way I would have to spend 100s of hours just to get to speed with any other post DAW (like if there was huge choice anyways :wink:

Right now my workflow is:

  1. for projects shorter than 20 minuts and less then 2 days of work - I use Nuendo video engine with QTs converted to 720x576 h264 files with mpegstreamclip.
  2. for projects longer than 20 minutes - Full HD, almost any codec files with MTCvideoslave on slave PC.

last week on our second studio machine Blackmagic Intensity pro dissapeared suddenly from Nuendo device list, it works in every other soft. I guess I’m buying another licence of MTCvideoslave.

Ditto. :unamused:

Sorry, but i work with the Media composer 5.5 editors on a daily basis and they send aaf files and works like charm.

No need to feel sorry for that, it´s great for you, and I´m sure on a ‘daily basis’ you can work things out.

I get my AAFs from different distributors every time, and I can say that from the last ten AAFs I got, four did not work in Nuendo. But they worked in Pro Tools. That’s all.

From the Cubase Update Info:

  1. Video improvements
    Cubase 6.0.3 features improved playback performance of HD video formats in general. Single-threaded codecs (like Motion-JPEG, Photo-JPEG, and QuickTime DV) will benefit from the also new “Boost Video” option: if enabled, one CPU core is excluded from audio processing and reserved for video decoding and playback tasks, resulting in smoother video performance.

I’ve just downloaded and tested the demo of Cubase. The Update seems to make a HUGE difference and really improves video playback. It’s a lot smmother when the new option is enabled. This is only a first quick and rough test, though.

N5.5 is out with all the new video features.

If you use: DV, MPEG, m-jpeg, p-jpeg or DVC(prohd), you can enable the “video boost” option.

AND N5.5 is x64 on MAC. AND it has video external output (Blackmagic and AJA) even in 64bit mode. Both on Windows and OSX.
That is in fact a first in the world I think!

Check it out!!