Which YouTube/Vimeo etc can we link to without breaking S. rules?


Our own, obviously. And as the moderator wrote before locking the above thread, obviously we can’t link “if it violates a copyright”.

I’m probably just missing something, but I have no idea how to definitively tell if something violates a copyright. For example, how do i know if YouTube performer X got copyright to post a specific vid? I’m not a copyright lawyer/investigator!

I asked in the above thread how S. determines whether their YouTube-linking rules had been violated, but of course didn’t get a response beyond the nebulous “if it violates a copyright” (how do we know?).

As far as I can tell, right now it’s just a “I think I know it when I see it” kind of situation. Maybe the mod wants to clarify here instead, or if someone else has insight?


There was a post immediately after mine saying that the burden of proof was on YouTube, and Steinberg had no role here, but now it’s disappeared … what happened to it? Was the information correct?

That thread is basically just telling you to not link to a 64kbps Master of Puppets MP3 uploaded by skeletonkid666 in 2006. Link to a video from the band’s official channel instead, for example.


Thanks, Romantique Tp. I guess it’s the “I know it when I see it” criteria. Easy enough with songs at the extremes!