While importing MIDI data from Logic Pro X, disparity between notation and playback durations

Dorico v3.5.12.1066 (I know I’m pretty far behind).

I wrote a chamber piece in the piano roll in Logic Pro X (very fluid process) and imported the MIDI data into Dorico. I made extensive use of durations that left an 8th rest before downbeats, (i.e., in 4/4, a dotted quarter starting on beat 1, then a dotted quarter starting on beat 3—like half notes but with an 8th rest’s separation).

When I imported this MIDI data into Dorico, (using the example above:) it was interpreted as half notes in the notation, but the Play window preserved the original durations (i.e., the black bar under the notes in Dorico’s piano roll shows the notation’s duration, and the solid color shows a shorter playback duration). This is the main problem. To make manually fixing it even worse, when I shorten the notated duration, the playback duration also shortens (by an eighth note), so then I have to manually lengthen the playback duration to match the new notated duration (even though I just shortened the notation duration to match the playback duration).

Any ideas? I have another chamber piece to notate right after this, also to be imported from Logic-originated MIDI data, and I’d love to not have to do all this manual correcting (it might even just be simpler to enter it by hand—I’m not sure).

Thanks in advance for any help.

You could try requantizing and unchecking the fill gaps option?


Omg, that worked! Thanks so much!