While in video follow edit mode cursor should not jump to selection start

If you could find a different way to preview video position of my edit actions without involving the cursor would be great.


what you mean?

I’ll upload a video so soon as I can…

If you have the ‘regular’ mode on and click in empty space (if enabled) at exactly 01:05:00:00 then that’s where audio will play from when you press play, and if you select an event that doesn’t change.

But if you enable ‘edit mode’ and select an event that starts at 01:04:50:00 playback will begin there instead of at 01:05:00:00. The “cursor”/“start of playback” will move to the beginning of whatever event you have selected in that mode.

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But what is meant by preview video position?

I’m guessing they mean when you grab an event and move it video will scrub according to the beginning of the selected event. So “preview video position” = the position in the video where the beginning of the event is (as you move the event which will also scrub video)…

I’m guessing that’s what they mean.

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Fantastic Mattias, you translated what I meant very well. There is no longer a need to upload a video

My main problem with this feature is that i can’t keep it on all the time as i would like.
If it weren’t for those annoying cursor jumps it wouldn’t make sense to turn off the “video follow edit” mode. In fact, it is precisely those cursor jumps that remind me that that mode is active and that I have to deactivate it. In my opinion it is boring.

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I suppose a feature request would be to change the behavior to have it both ways:

When new behavior is activated playback switches to edit mode when one starts moving an event, and returns to “normal” when one releases the event. This way when moving it video scrubs, yet when one lets go play back will start from the last position before initially grabbing the event.

Something like that. I’d think that would be a reasonable feature request.


I would add one more voice wishing for the video follow edit cursor jump to be transient.

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So much ! It mess me up too much ! Only when MOVING an event should the playhead move to that event!

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Yes !

I support this request too! I want “video follows edit” to aid me visually when moving a video clip, but the Playhead jumping to the start of an event when selecting it, is not what I want.

There are specific occations when I do want the playhead to jump to the start of an event, but then I simply press “L”. To me this action has little to do with “video follows edit” mode. Although I sort of get it from a technical point of view – it still feels unnatural that one should require the other. :slight_smile:

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The whole reason why initially there wasn’t any visible cursor in Edit Mode.


But you agree though Fredo that the “visible cursor” and “playhead” doesn’t necessarily need to be the same thing?

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When Edit mode was created it was decided by popular demand to not display the cursor.
Simply because a location cursor is useless at that point.
A black -smaller- cursor appears whenever you move an event to the place where it needs to be placed.
That is your (new) playhead
But most importantly, you don’t sync the event according to something or a place on the timeline, but you sync it with the video.

Edit mode wasn’t designed to work in “Edit Mode” permanently, Edit mode was designed to be activated only when events needed to be placed in sync with video, thereby skipping the process of first locating to the right spot/placing the event at that point/verify. Not every SFX has it’s sync point at the first frame of the event, that’s why Edit Mode is meant to place SFX visually in the correct spot in the timeline. When switching between the two modes, you can work very quick. Edit Mode never was designed to be used permanently.

We can consider an “improvement” of the original “Edit Mode”, or having different flavors of “Edit Mode” to accomodate other workflows. But it was a mistake in the first place to make the cursor visible.

(That’s my opinion)


I understand. I don’t really care about the cursor being visible or not, I just meant that making it visible should have nothing to do with the playback head.

I do think an addition (“improvement”) as an alternative would be nice.