While using Guitar Rig 6 plug-in on Cubase I hear the clean sound on top of the processed one

Hello all,
I need your help. I use Cubase Element 10.5 and I record bass and guitar using Guitar Rig 6 plug-in.
The issue is that when I activate the monitoring (see image below), I hear the clean sound on top of the processed one and this is annoying me very much.

The problem persists while I’m recording (clea + processed sound).
When I play back what I recorded, the clean sound disappeared and I hear only the processed one (which is correct). So the result is good, but it bothers me to hear the clean sound while recording.

On Guitar Rig 6 standalone, I hear only the processed sound, so the issue is not with Guitar Rig. There must be some setting I need to play with inside Cubase.

Anyone can recommed a solution?
Thank you in advance!

This is usually because some kind of “direct monitoring” is active. This can be a setting in the control panel of your audio interface (although it should have the same effect then with the standalone version of GR) or a setting in Cubase, check under Studio->Studio Setup->“Your interface name” whether the checkbox “direct monitoring” is enabled.

Hello Fese, thank you for your help.
Here’s what I found in the setup:

The option “Direct Monitoring” is grayed-out. What to do?

This is most likely because the ASIO driver of your interface doesn’t support direct monitoring. Have you checked the settings on your interface control panel as well for direct monitoring?

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I use a Scarlet 2i2.
Here’s the control panel:

I believe the direct monitoring switch is on the front of the Scarlett 2i2.


Yes it is.
I feel stupid now. :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your help, both of you.
Problem solved. By setting the physical switch on the scarlett 2i2 on OFF the problem is solved.

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