While we are waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.....something groundbreaking

Came across this cool site which can do a very decent job of taking a live track and seperating the stems - using AI. It’s called lalaai. Hope Cubase brings this!

Isn’t that what SpectralLayers One is for?


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Also, it’s not that groundbreaking, those things have been around for a while, mostly based on open source libraries like spleeter (from Deezer) or demucs (Facebook)
Here is a free one:

Do these thing just seperate the vocals or do they seperate all tracks? I must admit I am molre than 6 months out of date at the moment


You’ll be able to find a lot more information about what Spleeter does from here.

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Spectralayers 10 kicks arse .
Here’s two comparisons Robin posted , Restoration and Separation

Still checking out Spectral layers - learning from you guys. What I am interested in is taking out teh keyboards from tracks so I can learn the parts. I have ways, but not Ai ways.

We’ve had pretty good results using the Acoustica audio editor from Acon Digital (the Remix feature).

Sort of, Spectral Layers One just does vocals. Pro will unmix an entire band… with a bit of tweaking.