White background behind text frames (individually)


Another question: is it possible to ‘erase’ background (white) or even better: possibility to have a faded background (in percentages) behind Music/Text/Graphic Frames?

Would be lovely… :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me out!


No, at the moment you cannot specify a background colour for frames.

Ok! For now: Illustrator! :wink:

I hope someday this will appear. It will be useful for adding dialogue over vamps in theatrical music.

For now at least, you can use a combination of a graphics frame that contains a plain white image and a text frame? (In real cases, you’d probably not want them exactly overlaid if possible as selecting them individually isn’t so easy.)

Thank you, Lillie. At the moment I have just turned the BG of the text itself within the frame to white, which is not quite the same as having the text frame BG white. If I needed an immediate solution, I would certainly use your approach, but I hope somewhere down the roadmap, a text frame with white/colored BG will appear.

Nevertheless, thank you for your reply.

I’ve used Lillie’s method for now, but it’s very cumbersome. Every time I make any kind of formatting change elsewhere on the page, I need to adjust this graphics/text block. Adjusting is made difficult because it’s hard to grab either the text block or the graphics block separately.
I as well hope that white background for text anywhere on the page will be in a Dorico update soon. Thank you.

As much as it’s reasonably possible (as obviously it’s not always), leaving as much of the frame-based formatting in your project to the end as possible will probably be helpful in the long run (i.e. waiting until you’ve written most of the music and worked out the majority of casting off before adding frames to pages).

Similar for adjusting the vertical position of individual staves - if you e.g. add a title page at the start of a layout after moving lots of staves around manually, those staff spacing offsets get lost.