White background behind text frames (individually)


Another question: is it possible to ‘erase’ background (white) or even better: possibility to have a faded background (in percentages) behind Music/Text/Graphic Frames?

Would be lovely… :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me out!


No, at the moment you cannot specify a background colour for frames.

Ok! For now: Illustrator! :wink:

I hope someday this will appear. It will be useful for adding dialogue over vamps in theatrical music.

For now at least, you can use a combination of a graphics frame that contains a plain white image and a text frame? (In real cases, you’d probably not want them exactly overlaid if possible as selecting them individually isn’t so easy.)

Thank you, Lillie. At the moment I have just turned the BG of the text itself within the frame to white, which is not quite the same as having the text frame BG white. If I needed an immediate solution, I would certainly use your approach, but I hope somewhere down the roadmap, a text frame with white/colored BG will appear.

Nevertheless, thank you for your reply.