White Cubase project icons after Cubase 11 install

I updated to Cubase 11 and all my Cubase project icons turned to white instead of the Cubase logo.
Can someone help?

(original post:
j’ai fait les mises à jour de Cubase 11 et depuis tous mes icones sont complètement blanc au lieu d’avoir le logo de Cubase. Quelqu’un peut m’aider ?)

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What is your operating system?
Did you install the latest maintenance update 11.0.30?
Did you restart your computer after install ?
Maybe reinstall Cubase 11.

If you are on Windows 10, reassociating your Cubase project files with Cubase in your OS settings may probably help.

Bump, since updating to 11.0.4 my Project icons are pale and small whereas BAK Files are the nice big logo. No major deal, but would change if I knew how.

Windows 10

Some folks here might have some ideas if they actually saw what you are describing. Picture, thousand words, etc…