White midi remote indicator bar/line

Hey there,
I have a midi controller attached but i want to get rid of that white line of 8 in the project and mixer window. It’s just distracting and I don’t use my controller in that way. So I hope there is a way to just turn off this feature. I can’t find anything about it in the manual. Not even how this thing is called.

The script you’re using seems to be built with mixer banks of size 8. If that’s the case then there’s no way around the line. I guess for most remote control use cases the line is a helpful feature though.

Of course it is. But I have my controller since quite a few years and never had that white bar in any Cubase version - until Cubase 13. It wasn’t present in 12 either although 12 already had the new midi remote features.

Is there a way to change “scripts”? I think I didn’t use any at all.
I (re)built the controller from scratch in Cubase and used the assistant to bind the functions to the knobs.