White noise when audio file updated externally

Hi everyone

I’ve scoured the forums for a solution to this horrible problem I am having but no luck…

I am working on a collaborative project where some audio files in the pool are shared in a dropbox folder. My keyboard player updates a piano part and my project should all be updated and happy right? However (and I’ve noticed this problem on and off for years) when a file is updated, Cubase (9.5.10 pro) seems to have major problems. Random spikes of white noise and glitches at full gain. The waveform doesn’t show this in cubase and opening the file in Wavelab plays absolutely fine. All other tracks play fine. It’s definitely not a disc issue, cpu issue, clock issue etc etc.

I tried deleting and remaking audio images, I tried backing up the project, hoping that copying and remaking all the files and images to a new folder (even on a new drive) would sort cubase out, but no luck.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I was hoping cubase would notice a file has been changed and update what it needs automatically. What I cannot fathom is how backing up the project doesn’t fix this.

As you can imagine, playing a project and then being subjected to random high volume white noise bursts when a file is updated externally is not nice, and not easy to find in a large session either as the wavform doesn’t show it up!



The problem is dropbox, it can take full access over files updating and all sorts of things can happen.
If posible try to work out of a different folder, and copy to and from dropbox manually.

I haven’t got a solution for you, but I collaborate with people and share the files, and I’ve not had any problems like this. We share each song by sharing the project folder and subfolders. We also make sure that only one of opens the project at once.

It sounds to me like you’re only sharing the audio files, and I’m pretty sure that if that’s what you’re doing then you’ll be altering the files outside of Cubase and Cubase isn’t designed to detect changes to the audio files like that. I don’t think you’ll ever get it to behave correctly.

However, I’d have thought there are some things you can do to avoid it. Firstly, instead of changing files, your keyboard player could create a new file and you could import that and place it in the same place as the original, say on a different lane. This would be OK I think, although it may take a little longer to drag/drop.


This happened to me recently (C9.5.20 Pro) and I nearly had a heart attack when the white noise kicked in at full gain! In the Cubase project there was one audio part (sent from a colleague) which had some clicks in it which I repaired in Wavelab and I also deleted about 5 seconds of silence from the end of the file and overwrote the original version. When I then opened the project in Cubase I noticed that the part still showed the 5 seconds of silence at its end and when the playback reached that point is when the white noise unexpectedly kicked in.
I fixed it by placing the cursor at the start of the part then deleting it and importing it again from the pool snapping it to the cursor. It then appeared correctly without the 5 second silence at the end and played back perfectly.

thanks everyone as always for your comments - really helpful!

IMO white noise in (WAV) audiofiles usually have to do with incorrect samplerate settings, and if it’s periodical, it can be from a plugin that’s messing up the licensing for it. As with illegal versions … F