White screen of death and then crash

I’ve noticed many of you are getting a ‘white screen’ which can lead to crashes. And I also notice that some have said it’s caused by getting too close to the 32-bit ram ceiling.

QUESTION: does anyone know what that ceiling is? I’m getting this problem when my “Real Mem” is around 2.5 GB and my ‘Virtual Mem’ is 1.8 GB.

Here are details about this white screen:

  1. i edit a midi part in the key editor
  2. i move my mouse into the velocity pane and the entire key edit window goes white. This only affects the key edit window.
  3. i move the mouse outside the velocity pane and the key edit window returns to normal.
  4. i can edit velocities while the screen is white. i just can’t see what i’m doing.
  5. items 2 & 3 can happen several times until eventually, Cubase crashes
  6. or, i can grab a note to move it and this will trigger the white screen.
  7. i have to force quit Cubase then restart the computer to recover.
  8. i can load the exact same session again and it will behave for a while. but, eventually, it happens again.

I hope this helps others (and also the programmers at Steinberg). If anyone has run into this problem and solved it, please let me know. I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days and it’s the best out there!

In a 32 bit enviroment, Cubase can use 2GB of RAM without the /3GB switch. Of that 2G, 500MB is reserved for “housekeeping” like Save, Export, etc. so that means a project can use 1.5GB before issues arrise. With the /3GB switch, users have reported being able to use over 2GB before issues. Both XP and W7 have a /3GB switch, but it’s applied via different methods. Plenty of info on the net on this. I know you’re on Mac, posting the info for others. You need to see what the RAM usage is for the problem project.

Thanks for the help, Mashedmitten -

You need to see what the RAM usage is for the problem project.

I looked at the Activity Monitor and these numbers refer to the RAM usage of Cubase while the project is loaded.
( I’m getting this problem when my “Real Mem” is around 2.5 GB and my ‘Virtual Mem’ is 1.8 GB.) Since it’s up around 2.5 G, can i assume the /3G switch has been taken care of? I looked on the net but didn’t see anything which I’m sure means i’m searching the wrong terms. Or does this even apply to the Mac?

QUESTION if you have time: Is there a way to reserve less for housekeeping?

Thanks again.

The /3gb switch applies to PC only. I posted the info for other’s use. No way to decrease Cubase’s reserve, AFAIK. Thing for you to do is render plug-intensive tracks to free resources.

I don’t think you’re monitoring an accurate RAM usage, sounds more like system specs to me.

The 3 gig switch and the 2 gig RAM limits of PC’s are not related to Macs.

How much RAM do you have installed?