Whitney Houston dies

Age 48.


R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Just this morning Dlisted posted a pic of her coming from a party last night with what appeared to be blood on her leg. They’ve since taken it down. Sad news

So sad ----- more of our past gone.

RIP Whitney… :neutral_face:


RIP Whitney…

And shame on Bobby Brown… he’s to blame for the downward spiral… though it takes two to tango. :frowning:

So sad to see. She must have worked really hard to get so good, and then the whole world was handed to her, and I guess she really didn’t know what to do with it.

R.I.P. Whitney. :frowning:

Really surprised how much of a gut punch I felt when I heard the news, I really didn’t follow her at all. I think just her emotional power of “I Will Always Love You”, the one song I knew, was enough to do it to me. We get these gifts from Heaven now and then, they are always just a loan.

A New Jersey girl done good. RIP Whitney Houston.

I saw her in Sydney in 1988. She was just coming out of a Hotel surrounded by an army of bodyguards but no fans around.

‘Funny kinda people, those celebrities…’, I thought to myself.

Not my type of music but a sensational voice.

See ya later, Whitney

Often times, when an artist passes, their talent suddenly “multiplies”. This is NOT the case with Whitney Houston. I am not really a pop vocal music fan, but I do believe she has one of the most powerful voices ever. There are many “Divas” that may come close, but Whitney Houston, IMO, prevails. It is a great loss to music.

Heard on the radio that Tony Bennett (no fly-by-night slouch vocalist himself) called her “the best singer he has ever heard”.

Wow. Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald, et al. - that’s quite a list to top.

Another tragic and pointless loss of a great artist to drugs (and yes, I’m assuming this to be the case)

But what a voice! She had great timbre, control, and technique – she didn’t overdo it like a couple of her contemporaries. It didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous, either

Very sad


I do blame her for inspiring a string of female karaoke singers trying badly to recreate some of her songs that require amazing range and ability beyond the reach of normal mortals and being shocked at just how bad they were when put in front of a microphone :laughing:

along with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

Still, a silly waste of yet another talented individual :frowning: