WHO can Answer this very simple Question ?

… when you buy Soundsets for Spire, or Serum, (and many more etc … )

(please do not answer “one by One”, lol)

I we can’t, what’s the point of the Mediabay ?
(or maybe I missed something ?)

you can’t. It’s only Steinbergs built-in presets and samples that can be used there with the new thumbnails.

it’s quite a bad feature right now, but would be awsome if they updated it so we can add our own libraries such as VST presets and samples etc.

Hi :slight_smile:

First there is two type of MediaBay : The classic MediaBay (When pressing F5 or Loop Browser/Sound Browser/Mini browser) and the MediaBay Rack.

The classic MediaBay :

Here you can add all your samples and presets BUT for presets they have to be in the “vstpreset” format which comes with VST3 API.
There is only Steinberg using it for their VST’s… (maybe few others but i don’t know them)

You can easily find video on Youtube about “how to add own samples in mediabay”. Here one : Adding Media Into Cubase’s Media Bay

If you want to add presets of an third party plugin, you have to save one by one each preset !
EXCEPT in one condition : if the plugin is using the “basic vst preset library” format (factory library of the plugin) available with the VST2 API.

Example with the “old” V-Station in VST 2.4 format :

The “vstpreset” are stored in “…/Documents/VST3 Presets/” on Windows. (With converter or saving one by one)

Most of the recent VST’s are not using this method to integrate their factory library so you can’t use the converter :confused: (Steinberg can’t do anything here to help… Only the third party plugin devs can by giving all the “vstpreset” presets)

The MediaBay Rack :

Here if you click on “Show All Items” you gonna see evething you added to the classic MediaBay.

Unfortunately the thumbnails only show the in-house stuff :frowning:
Thanks mjtutoriels for your support here to see third party thumbnails : MediaBay Thumbnails : Third Party Plugins & Samples

Thank you Joggle

I’m doing exactly like this with Sylenth,
We can load a bank, and then use the “Convert to VST Presets” command …

… With Massive & FM8, there is also a workaround (using their Bank Functions
which populates the old FXB list ) …

But with Serum, and Spire, and most modern synths it’s impossible !! grrrrrr

Yes Steinberg can do something for us :

To Develop a little utility (standalone for example) that opens a vst instrument,
Let us load the bank we want,
and then automate a “one by one” save for each preset
in the Mediabay folder

  • If I can do it manually, a software can do it for me …


Yes, your right :slight_smile:

I meant, Steinberg can’t import the presets banks as they are ^^

But Steinberg can do a tool that gonna [(Save Patch as “vstpreset” > next patch)*Numbers of presets] :wink: (Even if we need to tell Cubase wich parameter is for patch change)

The simplest solution will be to have a common preset format for all plugins like “vstpreset” :unamused:

Or someone create a new format called “super preset format” and every plugins devs include a way to export in that format in their plugins :smiley: So Daw like Cubase can import it using the “super preset format” standard structure !