Who else loves the control room

I know, I rant a lot, but here is something really positive I want to say:

I LOVE the control room functionality! :slight_smile:

I’m soon to ditch my 32ch hardware mixer to make extra studio space and I’ll probably get seriously into the control room at that point. Last time I used the control room a few years back it was failing to save some of the routing settings, but I assume that’s all fixed now. Is the audio export level change now fixed I wonder? Hmm, with all the extra space I’m going to get back I’ll be buying a 3rd or even 4th monitor :slight_smile:


100% agreed !
The Control Room feature is great !
The implementation in C7 takes it a few steps back.

For serious work, C6.5.5 is the way to go !


I agree , and i just wonder why steny use this slider thing in the new mixerconsol instead of knobs or faders.
The volume setting is now verry difficult to set, with all these things “post/pre” etc popping up.
Hope this will be fixed.
I´m for more realistic knobs or minifader in the mixerconsol.


I also LOVE the control room, I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, I use it with Steiny’s UR824, excellent integration, I don’t mind the changes in C7 although I agree with Tompa about the slider thing, I would prefer an actual fader I think for the various volume controls. Also wish the Cue Sends would automatically be PRE fader rather than post which for some strange reason is the default.

Cheers All


Yep, Love the Control Room and have used it since it’s inception but I wish the window layout would stay where you left it (7.06)…

i only started using it in c7
so far i love it also
@ Dave Abbot … i want to buy the ur824 and that was what i wanted to know about the intigration with the CR
thanks 4 that

Yes, I love it too. Been using it for a few years and I got to say that I prefer the old Control Room setup from C6. I like pretty much all the new stuff in C7 but Control Room just seems like one area where things aren’t working as well as they used to. More clicking than before and less information is visible at any one time and every time I close and re-open the window, my layout is reset. To insert a plugin I have to click on the Setup tab. Why??? Seems unnecessarily complex.

But still, it is an amazingly useful feature.

Needs more cues and a return to the 6.5 layout. But, as a concept it is awesome.

I prefer the RME “control room.” Works much better with my UFX. But if I had a Steinberg interface, I would definitely use Cubase’s control room.

me to finding C7 CR confusing , it opens it closes its not possible to see all cues full controls at one glance, its more clicky with mouse… was better and straightforward in cubase 5…so i vote for improved GUI on this one too.

yep i agree too

Put me down for another agree 100% vote.

Its the one area in Cubase 7 I don’t like as much as before.


Me too, the Control was definitely better in 6.5…

I think it would be interesting to hear from people that preferred the 6.5 CR, which parts that they like better than the 7 CR, or a specific behavior, etc… If it’s just “the whole thing” well then it’s obviously little point in replying.

That way the Steinberg team could possibly steer things towards a better CR for everyone.

On topic, I really like the control room too. :slight_smile:


It’s basically a visibility thing. The control room had IMO the correct idea as being a mixer for the studio side of things. For some reason it got turned into a channel strip in C7. Which, IMO does not lend itself to the process very well. As far as telling Steinberg, there are multiple threads with graphics showing the differences. This is just one of numerous threads about the topic.

its as JMCecil wrote… its not the functionality its the visibility. Gui and accessibility to the functions.
they have lot of feedback from users here on new CR gui design, maybe they should let a recording engineer to work with them in real studio/show situation to understand the difficulties with the new design.
but im sure they know it by themselves !!

I also love the ControlRoom and use it 24/7. :mrgreen:
It´s absolutely the right way to integrate the CR into the MixConsole 7!
But…the GUI/implementation… erm.

Exactly, its a control room mixer. We want it to look and behave like one with vertical sliders like in v6.x not the horizontal way it works now, there’s just too much info crammed into a small space.

I could understand if this were a pref for someone with 1 or maybe two small low res monitors, but for those of us with 2 or 3 large hi res monitors then we’ve the screen real estate to have a horizontal floating mixer.


I still use 5.5.2 (but I do own 6 and 7 oddly enough). I see that many of you like the CR; please tell me why… I’ve opened it a few times, but never dug into it much