Who wanted such a re-new color tool?

Who wanted this re-new color tool ?

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Hey, just for fun Steinberg. :laughing:
Question is:
Let’s make confession here, who of us wanted this new, revolutionary tool: new color tool instead of such a useless things like: moving channels in mixer view, smart tool for project window, better import sessions etc.etc.

It’s because of YOU, guys, Steinberg was forced to flip all programming resources to meet your expectations

So, Who wanted such a big change in his workflow?

…and these kinds of surveys are needed from Steinberg themselves before such ideas are implemented. That would be next-level customer service/integration. :smiley:

And I totally agree that the other things you mentioned are so very massively more important than this one.

I’m slow and don’t understand.

The color tool I’m thinking about, right click in the project page to open your tools, select the color tool, then sample color and paste elsewhere was removed. How is that done now?

If you mean the color picker, or when you mouse over the icon in the tool bar it says “colorize selected tracks or events” there were very good reasons to make that change considering in prior versions the user has hundreds of colors and therefore either had to scroll vertically or horizontally for a long ways.

I love that the colour picker pops out. So much easier to work with when comping vocals and colourising on the fly. GUI just a bit clunky.

The Colorize Selected Tracks window works with either tracks or events. At first I didn’t know how it worked, but it works I think as they designed it to work.

  1. Select an Event
  2. Bring up “Colorize Selected Tracks” window (key command or right click menu)
  3. Choose a color with your mouse (would like to use an arrow key)
  4. Close “Colorize Selected Tracks” window.
  5. Select another event, repeat. All is good.

Then this

  1. Do not select any Event on a track
  2. Bring up “Color Selected Tracks” window
  3. Choose a color with your mouse.
  4. Close “Colorize Selected Tracks” window.
  5. It will now color the track header on the track you had highlighted.

You can make header a different color than the event. Even though the windows “Colorize Selected Tracks” it really means “Colorize Selected Track or Event” The track will only be colorized if there isn’t a event selected.

I like the new tool except it would be nice if you could do it all by key commands. You can bring up the window with a key command but not select the color or close the window.

Where is the function with mousewheel changing track colors?

That’s how the old tool worked too, except you couldn’t get the pallet to remain open. But what gets colored based on tracks & events being selected works the same.

Basically they:
Made the pallet interface more compact - good
Stopped displaying color names/labels in interface - bad
Removed alternative methods of accessing the tool - bad
Disrupted lots of folk’s longstanding workflow - bad

I was on Cubase 5.5 for a lot of years because I didn’t want to pay for the new computer, interface, and upgrade all of the software. So I came back into the loop with 9.5. I don’t understand why things that would be so useful don’t get done. You should be able to color a track by a key command. No window at all. There is so much inconsistency in the interface. I like C10 as I was able to get to a color that I liked quicker and i am learning all of the workflow again.

You can do that now via the PLE

I have a PLE preset for each color and have Metagrid setup with a button for each color (all with the color’s label/name and the button colored to match). Then just hit the button. It looks like this, which I think is how the new Color Tool UI should also look.

You can do the same with Key Commands but if you have a large color pallet it will eat up a lot of key combos.

There is another thread out there about triggering the PLE presets from a midi keyboard which gets around the limited number of available key combos.

Thanks so much. Didn’t know about this. If I can color a track by a key command, the it helps with me getting the audio editor to look like I want. i like a black waveform with a light background so what I have been doing is changing the track color and then using the editor and then switch them back again.

I was able to create key commands using the PLE and it works as expected except…

I changed and saved a couple of colors in the color tool and saved as program defaults. For some reason they are not being loaded when you restart Cubase. The PLE uses the color name to set the color so if it goes back to the default the PLE to set the color doesn’t work until you manually open up the color tool and load them back in the options menu. Then it works.

Is there any way to get the color tool to load the custom defaults at start up?

Not that I know of because it should always use the revised default colors. It has always worked for me.

Just verifying, you make changes to existing colors and/or add some new ones. Then in Project Colors, Options, Save Current Set As Program Defaults you save it. Normally you should get these new colors after that.

Maybe you should trash your Preferences - search the forum for proper instructions.

I have a PLE preset for each color and have Metagrid setup with a button for each color (all with the color’s label/name and the button colored to match). Then just hit the button. It looks like this, which I think is how the new Color Tool UI should also look.

It works only from arrangement window, but It doesn’t work in Audio Part Editor. Do you have a suggestions how to change the color of the event in Audio Part Editor with key command?

What annoyed me is now we have to use a different menu… which i had to find be searching for a youtube video (i didn’t know that menu existed), previously i could upgrade the colours of an old project by visiting the top bar colour control. The extra connection to things from this menu is now missing, which to those new would be very bad, they’d have no idea it even existed. Seeing it missing is what began my quest that led to finding the new menu via a youtube video. A pointless change that wasted hours.