Who wants Halion 7 on the 10th of January?

Come on add a vote , it’s well over due , I love Halion 6 but it’s 5 years old so add a vote .
We know there are H7 beta licences floating about so come on show us the goods , cash waiting , Gas is getting over strong on this one , take my money :grin:


I would like an ‘Absolute 6’. And of course at an affordable upgrade price. Would be nice if Steinberg makes this package with their latest new instruments and sounds.


I would rather wait until February 27 (random date pulled out of my …).

Just kidding. The sooner, the better of course … as long as it’s “ready” :wink: .

I really hope after this much time that it is worth the update fee. I’m sure I’ll get it one way or another just because I like blowing money on things I don’t really need :grin: .

I wish “non-Steinberg” users would get as excited about HALion as we do. It seems to be kind of a hidden world.


1+ with Steinberg Licensing for all libraries and Halion


Yep , after all these years ive only just thought about making my own synths , it’s a shame NI was allowed to gain such a foothold in the early days otherwise Halion would of been the standard for sure


i thought Halion 7 will be released as Christmas gift (but payed gift ))) )

:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :smile:

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It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it doesn’t show up until around the time of Cubase 13, whenever that will be. Oh, well … at least I have numerous other “toys” to play with until then :grinning: .

Quite possible , but i asked a person of authority about the chances of seeing HAL7 and he replied ’ no comment due to NDA but hopefully things will happen soooon ’
Steinberg need something to fill the gap with there not being a .5 of Cubendo

I’m guessing that the holdup at this point is migrating all the expansion libraries to the new Steinberg licensing model. I know they are in the process of doing so at the moment. Shouldn’t be much longer I wouldn’t think. I know I read a while back that they were shooting for the latter part of last year. I’m sure HALion 7 itself is "ready :laughing: ", but all the other compatible components I’m not too sure about. Also, there is the whole mess that is “Absolute” to figure into the equation.

I have a feeling we won’t see anything new until March. :frowning_face:


Most people know HALion is good… as a Synth and Sampler. It’s actually one of the best samplers on the market… for people who… actually sample. Most people using Samplers are not building multi-sampled instruments. They’re sampling for things like Hip Hop, Electronic Music and Pop. HALion, Falcon and Kontakt are overkill for that (and most DAWs have serviceable samplers for doing that included in the package, e.g. Sampler Track 2 in Cubase).

Most people using Kontakt are using it to access its ecosystem of Libraries. UVI also has Falcon 2, and they have a fairly decent content ecosystem (both Libraries and Synth Expansion Packs) - much better than Steinberg’s - available for that instrument. Arturia has also pretty much jumped in with Pigments, which offers enough Synthesis for most people… often at no-brainer discount pricing.

Steinberg doesn’t really have a comparable ecosystem, and the Absolute Bundle isn’t as good at Komplete when it comes to delivering value (in terms of Sample Libraries and Expansions).

So, for most of those people, HALion is an additional - highly redundant - purchase that they cannot [or won’t] justify. That’s why they tend to steer clear of it. They don’t need it, and because they already have other Synths and Samplers that fill those functional niches they don’t want it either. I think many people are waking up to the GAS epidemic and starting to tighten their purse strings, as well. If I’m being honest, I’m veering in that direction.

Also, it’s still on the eLicenser, which is a showstopper to many people. Yes, it will come off with HALion 7, but 90% of the Libraries and Expansion Content is still on the eLicenser, which is the most inconvenient manner of licensing creative content that [unfortunately still] exists on the market.

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Same here. Not only for monetary reasons though, also because having 30 plugins is doing more bad than good for my creativity. I remember when I only had a Korg M1, an Akai sampler and one analog synth. This was restricted in a way of course, but I knew these instruments inside out and it was fun.

I’m trying to get to back to this, so I’ve actually reduced my synth plugins to HALion, Padshop, Retrologue and Diva. Ok, I also have the Korg M1 VST, but that’s more for nostalgic reasons :wink: