Who wants the ability to switch round the Solo/Mute colours?

I’ve noticed a lot of control surfaces, consoles and other DAWs use red for Mute and amber for solo. Cubase has it the other way round…

In the interest of compatability with surfaces and consoles and/or other DAWs, I’d like a button in preferences to switch the colours for Solo and Mute. This would make it easier for anyone working with or transferring from other DAWs, and would also allow for better integration with surfaces, consoles, mixers, etc.

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Not me.

Fair enough. To be honest, I didn’t know I needed this feature until I started looking for control surfaces. I’ve been using Cubase for 15+ years and I thought the Solo/Mute colours in Cubase were the norm.

Do you use a control surface with at least 8 faders, or can you recommend one that would pair well with Cubase?

I wish they were completely different colours. I hate that solo is the same red as record and right next to it.

If you had the option to switch the Solo/Mute colours that would mean that the two reds aren’t next to eachother Would that be enough or would you want full colour customisation?

See logic for a much better design.

Red - record
Solo - yellow
Mute - teal
Input monitoring - orange

Basically I hate that two items share red on the track settings.

Yes please! Red solo button is so weird.

Is it possible to change your mix button controls color (mute & solo) in Cubase 12?

Not currently. The more people who submit the request directly to Steinberg, the more likely they’ll take notice and implement a change. I think it would be really useful, especially for people using control surfaces.

Option to choose your own color would be good.
I think the colors are way to “in your face”.
Might be perfect for some, but would prefer more subtle colors.

While we’re discussing Mute and Solo buttons, the ability to click and drag across multiple channels to mute and solo is really quick in VE Pro. Great design feature.