whole bar rest vs. system break

I very much like the system Break feature. One thing I noticed and couldn’t find a solution searching the Forum:
When I enter a system break somewhere insinde a bar and one staff has got a whole bar rest, the whole bar rest won’t split. That’s ok for the single part layout, where I don’t need the system break, but in the full score I want to split the whole bar rest as well. Is it possibile to achieve both?


Dorico should show a bar rest both before and after the system break in this case. This is on our list of things to address as soon as we can.

That’s not exactly, what I would expect.
If you have e.g. a choir with a solo flute, and you break the bar before the last crotchet, I would expect, that the flute would show the exact rest values before and after the system break in the score and in the part there should be a whole rest. Perhaps another beautiful option to choose?

If you have a system break in an empty bar in one layout, then you will see a bar rest both before and after the break in that layout only, but in another layout where that bar is not split across a system break you would see only a single bar rest, of course.

Yes, I understood that. But I don’t think, that is looks right, when you have (in my example) a crotchet in the choir part and an whole rest in the flute part above that. For me this just doesn’t look right. Perhaps there are cases, where this is the proper notation. Therefore I think, an option for the one or other cases would be perfect.

You can always override the rests in the empty bar(s) if you wish, using a combination of rest input and Force Durations.