Whole bunch of problems in a project

Explosions (with delay it seems). Upon start. Randomly through playback.

First plugin on drum buss causing audio to go through right channel only (left disappearing). Replacing plugins with different ones causes the same problem. It’s the 1st plugin in the chain. Turning it off brings back the left channel. Replacing it with any random plugin causes the left channel to disappear.

Some channels suddenly go LOUD (full blast). No changes to any plugins/automation/volume.

I didn’t change anything. Checked all tracks/everything is in order.

Is C10 set to autodestruct if I don’t update to 10.5? Because I wasn’t going to.

Did restarts a few times (including computer reboots) CPU load is low. Asio meter is nowhere near 3/4


I would recommend to reset Cubase preferences.

I did all I could, nothing helped, ended up opening the older version of the project and redoing the work.


If you are using Cubase 10.5, start Cubase in Sae Start Mode and try to start Cubase without 3rd party plug-ins. Can you load the project now?