Whole rest in 6/8 empty bars

Hello, I have a problem in Dorico with 6/8 empty bars.
The rest are whole value (see the picture); is there a way to set the right rest accordind to the time signature?

I’ve never heard of it being done that way - if there is it’ll be in Notation options probably. You can also use force duration (vice icon left panel) to enter rests (comma, or rest icon left panel and use any note to input it)

I actually did that way, by forcing duration, but it’s very strange, I expected Dorico would have adapted the rest values to time signature…

It s not correct in musical theorie
When you have an empty bar you Always have a whole rest by default howewer the time signature


I second that - it is bad music theory, and will confuse your players if it is to be played live - makes it much easier to read with whole bar rests

Right, thank you!

This is the difference between a whole rest and a bar rest. Same symbol, different meaning. Notice the bar rest is centered in the bar, as opposed to being on the beat where it starts.

I have seen spelled-out rest durations for full bars in e.g. Messiæn, with constant switches between extremely short meters such as 2/8 and 3/16. That helps the players count. But for 6/8 (or any unchanging meter) the standard bar rest is fine for reading, and expected.


A similar situation, I have a 1/4 bar and I would like to have a quarter rest instead of a whole. I’m trying to force the duration but doesn’t work, any ideas? Thanks

Start note entry, force duration (O), choose rests (,), enter the rest (Y) - repeat the Y as needed, or use alt-click to copy wherever you need it.

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Thanks! This is what I was looking for.