whos excited about tomorrow!!

big update day!! i wonder what time it will be available??

I’m excited too!! (Although I don’t have any complaints with 7.5.1)

Love the smell of update in the morning!

i am excited to see steinbugs go go go !

I am.

Although I didn’t do the 7.5.10 update, I’m like a window shopper waiting for the sale tomorrow.

I think I will do this update.

im gonna be up at 6:00am. hope.it will will be up.

Aloha guys.

I find it Scardy!
Vedy vedy scardy! (Joe Flaherty-2nd City Toronto)

Reason being, everything is working so well now.

Also I’ll wait quite a while on this update because as a Mac user
Apple will be soon coming out with an OS update
that asks developers to focus on video and AUDIO drivers.

So As I said:
Scardy! Vedy vedy scardy!

That being said; ‘Steiny moves forward’/Cubase still rocks/
and is the best DAW made by humans on planet Earth!

Back to work.

I’m definitely excited.

It goes without say to have a back up of your system anytime a change is made. Having said that, I’m generally an early adopter.

I really appreciate that SB keeps the user base informed. That’s no a given with other bits of software.

The clock is ticking… :mrgreen:

Of course the big excitement will kick in when C8 is on the radar screen.

Excited, but will be doing an image backup (Paragon Drive Copy 14 Professional) of my entire drive (via two SSDs) for the first time ever, for a Steinberg update. Already did a test run and it was blazing fast. Whole drive in around 5 minutes. This is on a brand new, dedicated DAW computer now, too – i7 4770K.

Anyway, backup = BULLETPROOF, this time.

That Waves v9r14 (Waves’ fault, not Steinberg’s) took me out of action until their v9r15 fix.

Never again.

I’m also excited to make ASIO Guard stutter, even though the notes claim the near impossible: that it won’t drop-out when engaged.

Really? Cuz, I’ve got a virtual armada of D16 Lush-101’s ready to make that happen. :laughing:

With the drive image backup, it will allow me to easily test the old Cubase against the new (yes, I know multiple installs on one machine are possible, too.)

I may do some ASIO Guard benchmarks to see how much it’s improved.

So, for me, it’s all about ASIO Guard tomorrow.

I have to say yes…I’m excited! After the update, if all goes well, I will be totally updating my vst catalog! 8dio hybrid bundle, 8dio epic percussion bundle, Albion iceni, Hans zimmer percussion, NI action drums, and more.

I can’t wait!

It all sounds very good. I understand Curteye’s apprehensiveness. Not wanting to generalize so poorly but it just seems that the Mac user ratios are smaller than PC but the Mac guys seem to come up with the bigger performance issues.

This opinion comes ONLY from my reading the forums so frequently and not from any real experiences, just a gut feeling

But I too anticipate new updates and ideas with enthusiasm. Only a few hours from now.

I’m excited about today! :nerd:

where is it? :smiling_imp:

That’s what she s…oh nm…


Why is everybody so excited over this update? :slight_smile:

It’s not THERE! Alright, who nicked it?

ME :slight_smile:

I am always excited about tomorrow … a new day, new chances, new joys, new challenges, … :slight_smile: