Why a presale forum that is unaccessible?


Under the Cubase forum, there is a subforum called presales.
One would think that this was for people who do not yet own a Cubase product.
However this does not seem to be the case, as I am not able to post or reply in this forum. :astonished:
A little strangeā€¦

Here is my question.
When is the Cubase Elements 7 trial planned to be released?

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No, this is for Cubase users running older versions. Those looking to switch to Cubase should ask here.

I believe you can ask your local music shop to borrow an eLicenser, so you can trial the full version.

How does that information relate to the question?

I believe you can ask your local music shop to borrow an eLicenser, so you can trial the full version.

It depends how keen you are to trial Cubase whatever the flavor. :slight_smile:

There are audio interfaces available that have lite versions of Cubase included, albeit with a lower channel count and lesser routing facilities in the form of AI or LE.

In other words I am offering an alternative to the OP.

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I do know Cubase.

But I cannot afford the full version.
So i want to test hands on, whether the Elements edition will cover my needs or I need to go for The Artist edition.


It depends on your requirements, some examples that might help:

  • Batch Export is missing from all but the full version
  • Elements has less rack-based VST instrument slots and does not allow recording from busses
  • Elements has only a single mixer

A feature comparison is available here for Cubase and Artist:


unfortunately there is no comparison with Elements, maybe some owners can comment.

You can find a comparison table and a detailed PDF with all the information near the bottom of this page:

Thank you all for the input.

The comparisons are definitely useful.

But I would still like to try it out before I buy.
Is there a planned release date for for the trial?