Why always crash when using "search" in Mixer?!

I have it in 6.0-6.07 as well as still (!) in 6.5. I had it on my old machine, I have it on the new machine.

Having a big project open (while playback) - using the search feature in the mixer for quickly accessing lets say an FX track at position 300 in the mixer while the mixer is at let say the drums - channels 1-30 or something like that.

Since the scrolling in the Mixer is SLOW since the new mixing console I had high hopes to use those little workflow enhancements in the new mixing console… But it never worked for me.

Having a crash when just typing “lexicon” into the search field and hitting enter costs me 10 minutes. If I safed before. Which tooks 40 seconds thanks to the slow-saving bug which seems to be present again.

Then it crashes, then I have to reboot to force the UAD2 to unload the DSP then reopening that 400 Track project which takes 5 minutes…

Such a PITA. Using the handle bar (why is it so small??) for scrolling in a big mixer was fine in 5.5 - since 6.0 it is just booring because everything reacts so slow and that handlebar is so small (hard to click on it) - when using workarounds the application just crashes…

I just made a video:


This time I “only” had that Nuendo error thing, not a crash - but to be safe a Nuendo restart is needed here as well.

Am I the only one who haves issues like that??

Some more info:

This happens as well when I use the search tool inside the channel edit window…

BUT: It seems to only happen when I select the desired track by hitting ENTER… If I click on it with the mouse it seems (!) to NOT crash… Clicky Clicky… Steinberg loves to see us click in the mixer as it seems… Click Click… I still have hopes to use less mouse work in the Mixer one day…