Why am I unable to crossfade every now then?

In this one song, I can crossfade two events by pressing X in between 2 overlapping tracks, no problem. But at a few points in the song, I press X and nothing happens.

For the parts that do NOT crossfade, I am unable to drag the top corner to fade in/out either. How is this instance “damaged”? I want to be able to crossfade all the time!!

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To be able to crossfade, you need some material you want to cross. So there must be some material on the right side of the 1st (left) Audio Event and some material on the left side of the 2nd (right) Audio Event. Is this the case?

If you’ve glued events together you lose the ability to fade so you have to bounce them first. i.e. the audio event has to compose of a single audio file:-

Could it be that possibly?

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Yes. Some material is on the left side and some on the right.

With the tracks that I am unable to crossfade, I am also unable to fade in/fade out: there is no carrot at the top corner.

Does this have to do with how 1 of the tracks was glued to another to create a whole track?

So i should “bounce” instead of dissolve part into 2 halves?

i have no idea what bounce means!

Bounce takes whatever you have selected and turns it into one continual audio file. So you need to do that on the audio events that do not have the handles for setting fade points currently,

Then you can crossfade between them.

I always bounce after gluing so that it becomes a unique event in it’s own right.

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Are these Audio Events or Audio Parts?