It seems VERY unfair that,
license holders of the full cubase 5.x 6.x 7.x 8.x do not qualify for the UPGRADE17 promotion??

what’s up with that SB ?? = … wow! it almost seems like your penalising these licensess …

C’mon SB how 'bout showing your fully-fledged licensees the same unbiased offer, they (we) have been loyal to you, after all

ref :

Isn’t the answer in both of the links you included…there was an offer to cover such users earlier in the summer?

The question that then remains is why you didn’t get to hear about it, presumably.

you presumed correctly, … didn’t hear about it
thanks for your feedback

Do you get updates via email?
That’s how I heard about the offer a couple of years ago. I think I enrolled in getting them via my MySteinberg account but could be wrong. I think they’re geared to those who might want them (ie: I didn’t get one this year) but could be wrong. It’s possible that they used to do the Update and Upgrade offers at the same time and now have split them…but again I could be wrong. It does seem weird that they don’t try to reach those who would most likely use them, I’m not sure I would have updated without the offer that time.

Spare a thought for us poor sods who paid the full upgrade price from pro 8.5-9 a day or two before the promotion… :frowning:

Yes, that’s a major “Doh!”. :frowning:

I bought the Pro 8 to Pro 9 update in June at full price because 8 didn’t want to recognize my new Apollo Twin MkII. I have bought every single Cubase upgrade since 1996 except for the 8 to 8.5. (and DSP Factory, MIDEX, MR816 CSX)

I never got wind of the previous offer, no emails nothin!! I would definitely upgrade to C9 for around 50Euro’s…
I was thinking it seemed a bit unfair until I read here that there was a discount offer for the 8.5’s amongst us…

was it ever posted in the announcements area?

This is a sample of the email I got from Steinberg.

" This money-saving upgrade offer is only valid until August 31, 2017, and exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop.

  • To qualify for this exclusive offer you have to own one of the following products: Cubase Pro 9 upgrades only from Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 9, Cubase Elements, Cubase LE/AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel. Cubase Artist 9 upgrades only from Cubase Elements, Cubase LE/AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel."

Isn’t the offer the same globally or do they have different offers in the EU?

Please read the threads he linked to.

So I’ve subscribed to the newsletter…don’t wanna miss another discount chance,thought it would’ve come in the hub though…

I signed up for the newsletter several years ago. So far I have never received a newsletter. :unamused:

Regards. :sunglasses:

So was Steinberg always this useless in the marketing dept? :unamused:

As a full user, I too missed out on the discount offer by not hearing about it. Was happy when I heard of the current offer, got my wallet out and everything only to realise it was an upgrade path for Artist or below users.

Money back in the wallet it goes :frowning:

It’s ironic.

I receive promotional advertisements weekly from Waves, Toontrack, Audio Deluxe, and a host of venders who I have no interest in. Once you sign up for free samples or loops…watch out…

But Steinberg? Never that I can remember. :laughing:

So given that the hub or being signed up for the phantom newsletter is no sure fire way of getting discount upgrade news the only way is a bi weekly visit to Steinbergs site to check on what’s happening, maybe that’s their plan!

Why?? Obviously Steinberg assumes that $99 is pocket money to most Pros.
And if anybody is currently as annoyed as I was using 8.5 you will not hesitate to grab that credit card and buy CP9 asap to never see 8.5 ever again…

Any way to save money is important. Staying at 8.5 for now…

it’s not about if it’s affordable, it’s about if it’s it’s worth the money, in my humble opinion it’s not worth 100Euro…but it is worth 50… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I get regular emails from Steinberg, they do send them!