WHY are markers changing because of tempo changes?

I’m programming an orchestral mock-up at 60bpm. The performance tempo is twice that at 120bpm. I am in MUSIC MODE. When I change my tempo to 120 my Markers change their position! :astonished: :open_mouth: For example: at 60bpm, my Bridge comes in at bar When I change the tempo to 120bpm, the bridge is now listed at bar! This is confusing and annoying as hell! :angry:

The project window settings remain the same and the parts play as expected, where they’re expected, but my Song Markers become useless.

Why is it doing that? :question:

Have you toggled time-base on the marker track? The toggle button is hidden by default so you will need to activate it via track control settings.

Thanks, that worked! :smiley: