Why are my exported wav files slightly out when imported to another Cubase

Hi all,
I work with a friend musician in another country who is on Cubase 10 but when I send him my exported wav (converted to MP3) files, they always need shifting slightly as they are always slightly off. Once moved, they appear to remain consistent to the tempo. It’s not a major issue but i would love to know why this happens. This is Cubase to Cubase, I would understand a different DAW perhaps having this issue but not the same software.
All sample rates, bit rate, tempo rates are all checked and are identical. I use Cubase 11 pro (but I had this issue when i was on 9.5-10. etc. He has had the issue with me from earlier versions too. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful to get this sorted.
Thanks in advance.

Can you be more specific about what you mean by this? Does “slightly off” refer to timing, pitch or something else? How are you exchanging files?

The more accurate & detailed your description of the problem you can give the better chance someone can figure it out. Don’t forget pictures are worth 1000 words.

Hi and thanks for your reply. I am speaking of timing. Pitch and everything else is all good. When my friend imports my files into his project, even though i export all files from beginning to end, they don’t land exactly in the project as they should and are very slightly behind and so need shifting into place. Once he moves them they are fine.

The files are firstly exported as wav then converted to mp3- 128 for working and idea purposes. Files are exchanged over the internet via mailbigfile.com or similar. Thing is…when he sends me files back, they are always spot on…I don’t get it.

Mp3 works different than PCM, it’s more like broader frames than samples. You could try exporting to wav instead, (as a test) to see if that makes a difference

Hi and thanks for your reply, actually I do export as WAV and then convert to MP3 to send over the internet by email.

That’s likely the cause. You’d be better off using a loss-less file compression like zip or better for audio rar and sending that instead of mp3

You recon?? Hmm. Ok I will try that next time. Didint think MP3 would shift the audio, I guess strander things have happened. Thanks raino.
I’ll let you know if is the cause. Would be interesting to know.
Thanks again, and to all who have responded, I appreciate your help and suggestions.
Take care and keep safe.