Why are my Logical Editor Presets Missing?

Cubase 6.5.5 x86 on Win 7 x64. No Logical Presets. In User/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase 6/Presets
there is a folder Project Logical Editor with subfolders of Presets inside.
In Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 6/Presets there is the same, Project Logical Editor with subfolders of
Presets inside and another folder, Logical Edit. Opening Cubase, selecting MIDI Parts…there is no Logical Presets,
grayed out and also in the Editor itself when clicking on presets will not open. And yes, i rescaned MediaBay.
Also, most of the MIDI Instert Plugins are missing their presets. Yes they are in their folders, added to
Media Bay and rescaned, same thing again.

How much more harder will Steinberg make our lives?

Thanks for any help.

How about copying the Cubase 6 presets folder contents to the 6.5 presets folder?

Steve, i had to delete what was there, then copy from another computer to this
and now it worked, i just have to make sure everything works. As for 6vs6.5 on PC
is different, on here it will show only as 6, it will not be 2 different folders after upgrade.


Hi Guys,

Where do we have to paste the preset folders on a mac, I can see them in the cubase6.app folder.

Just need to find out where they have to go.

On Mac, copy into [your User Account]/Library/Preferences/Cubase 6/Presets/Logical Edit

I’m missing them too. But I don’t know if I ever had them. My original install was 6.0 from dvd then the various 6.5s to 6.55 downloaded from steinberg.

So I don’t think that I can get them off of my 6.0 dvd as they’re probably embedded in the installer. Any idea of how I can get a copy?


They are probably there nonetheless, as mentioned in the start of this topic, or in the Cubase Package contents, if on Mac.

Hi Vic,

I dont have the cubase 6 folder inside the preferences folder, should I be making these folders?

I am running cubase artist 6.5.5

Are you looking in the correct Library folder? There is the local Library folder (not that one :wink: ), and also a Library folder in your User Account (If you are not seeing that Library folder, then Alt-click in the Finder’s “Go” menu to see it temporarily, or there are solutions to make it permanently visible… the easiest is to open the Terminal , and paste this…
chflags nohidden ~/Library

Hi Vic,
many thanks, your are the man, I couldnt find a fix for this anywhere for the mac.
You were right, I didnt know there was a Library folder hidden. I simply copied as you said and all is working.

Thanks again, The steinberg guys didnt even reply to me ref this problem also it sounds like its been around for a while.


Thanks for this Vic… been trying to sort this out for weeks


Hi Guys, I have managed to completely delete my logical editor presets. :frowning:
Is there anywhere I can download these presets from?

Same issue in Cubase 7.5, Windows. I copied the folders from 7.0 installation, did not work. I don’t have an installation dvd…what next?