Why are my MP3 exports unintelligible on my client's system?

I have been embarrassed and look ridiculous to my client. The MP3 exports play fine on my studio system, my client takes the files home, tries to play, and they are unintelligible. Why would this happen??? Please help!

No idea! Maybe he doesnt have a working mp3 player. Or maybe your send process zipped the files so he’s trying to play a zip archive.

Could you send him .wav instead?

What does unintelligible mean in this case? Is it dialog and they say that can’t understand it? You’d probably want to hear it in their setting to figure it out.

If you want to post a short of the same file here, we could confirm that it’s fine (or not). If it’s fine, than the problem is on their end and nothing for you to be embarrassed about.

settings I use for mp3 export…

Here is one small file.


That is perfectly clear on my computer speakers.

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Sound perfectly clear even on my phone’s speaker. So something must be horribly wrong on their end.

THANK you all very much. It turns out it is a problem on Client’s end then! Cubase is great!