Why are the accidentals on this augmented unison clashing?

Hi all,
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 21.56.11

I’m using sixth-tones for a piece for sixth-tone harmonium, and the piece involves a lot of augmented unisons (e.g. G natural + G 1/6t. higher). For some reason, they always look like this when I create the notes, and I have to shift it using Accidental X offset, which means switching to Engrave mode and/or bringing up the properties panel.

Is there something I can change in Engraving or Notation Options?

I have no advice on this whatsoever but it might be best to upload your project, or at least a screenshot of the issue, so that someone else can help you quickly.

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Apologies, I’m new to the forum and thought that the screenshot had uploaded. Hopefully it’ll be there now.

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Uploading the project here in case it helps. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong (very new to Dorico).
Interstices – 20. 3. 2023.dorico (968.6 KB)

Engraving options>Accidentals>Kerning>Distance between adjacent accidentals stacks, Select “Use default distance”


That’s done it, thank you so much, Rafael!