Why are the notes in the 4th horn coloured sometimes?

The screenshot shows a fairly conventional horn section (from a score in C). I am irritated by the colour of the notes in the 4th horn. It cannot be a question of range, since these notes are perfectly playable on a horn. So what does the color mean? And why is it only showing on some notes? Where can I read up on colours and their meaning in Dorico?
Thank you!

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Maroon does indeed mean that Dorico considers these notes to be playable only by advanced players.

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Thank you, @pianoleo , for your lightning-.fast response and the link to the source! That also answers the question I had about the harp. Excellent!
Is there any way I can define the range of an instrument by myself? I think it is helpful, if impossible notes are shown in red, but I would like to turn off the “only playable by advanced musicians” feature.

Officially, no. Unofficially you can edit the instruments.xml file in your user folder to set the ranges as you wish. Search the forum for instruments.xml and you’ll find plenty of threads detailing how to do that.

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Thank you very much, @pianoleo !

If you’re dealing with a score that you know should be playable; or you’re familiar with instrument ranges yourself, then you can always turn them off.

@benwiggy Yes, I know that. But I find it very helpful to have the “out-of-range” option at hand (useful in copy&paste situations). But it seems those 2 - “beginner range” and “out of range” - cannot be handled separately. But that’s fine. I found my way.