Why are these tracks highlighted in the track view?

I don’t understand why these tracks in the track view are highlighted? Any help would be great. They are also highlighted in the mixer. How do I turn this off? Also, if anyone can enlighten me on to why this is happening and the name of the highlighted area, that would be great. Thanks.

Actually none of the tracks are highlighted. When the track is highlighted, the area surrounding the channel fader (in the mixer) is grey, not black. Perhaps in your Preferences you have chosen to color your midi connections?

They show which tracks are currently mapped to the channels on your control surface.

I have a control surface (Mackie Control) and I don’t have that situation. If I get you you are saying that 8 tracks will be hi-lighted while using a CS. I have not seen that on any DAW. I have seen an indication of what set of tracks are being access by the CS in Sonar and Cakewalk. Its called WAI.

Yes, you are correct. I just moved the 8 faders on my LX88+ and they are linked to those channels in the mixer. Not sure how that happened though. Thank you.

OP’s talking about the white line at the bottom of the faders in the mixer, or at the left side of the track headers in the project view.

Thank you for sharing, but I’m pretty sure the OP is talking about Cubase, not Sonar.

So am I. I have both. I also have Samplitude and Studio One. As well as others.

You’re welcome. How do you like your LX88? I’ve been considering getting one.

On my Mackie Control if I move multiple faders only the first one is hi-lighted in Cubase. However all the faders I am moving on the MC move the correct faders in Cubase. Perhaps this is because the Mackie Control has an LCD channel strip that notes which channel is being modified.The faders on the MC are touch sensitive.

Thank you.

I love this keyboard. Highly recommend it.

That white line is what I was talking about as the WAI. It shows which bank of faders are used on the CS. Clearly both Cubase and Cakewalk have the same function. BTW. WAI is short for Where Am I.

From the Cakewalk Manual

“The WAI display
The WAI display (short for Where Am I) is a group of colored markers to show you which tracks and/or buses are
currently being controlled by which controller/surface. Each controller/surface uses different colored markers.
In the following picture controller/surface 1 (blue markers) is controlling tracks 2-5, and controller/surface 2 (red
markers) is controlling tracks 7-14. You can drag the markers to different groups of tracks to change which tracks
each controller/surface is controlling. You can also double-click the WAI markers to open the property page of that
particular controller/surface.”

That said I still don’t know how the tracks in the OP got Hi-Lighted? Hi-light is not the same as WAI.

If Auto-select is on, touching or moving the fader selects the channel.

Would that account for multiple tracks being hi-lighted as in the OP?

I was able to select multiple tracks with shift on the keyboard and the select key for each fader on the MC.

No, you’re referring to selection, not highlighting. As Mr. Roos and Steve both explained above, they are not selected.

Then the title is wrong.

Highlighted, Selected, Targeted, Indicated… Semantics…
The tracks that are being controlled by the device are “highlighted” by the white line.
The tracks being controlled by the device and track or tracks “selected” or “highlighted” on screen (to receive commands from the mouse or keyboard) are independent and “highlighted” in different ways.

That sounds right to me.

Strictly speaking, both you and Mr. Roos meant “selected” when you both said “highlighted”. But no worries, I think everyone understood what you meant :slight_smile:.