Why are version 2 plugins not supported in Cubase Pro 12?

I have purchased a lot of version 2 plugins from Universal Audio and don’t understand why they are not supported in Cubase Pro 12. I have to resort to using Cubase Pro 11 in order to use what I’ve paid for. This IS NOT RIGHT!!! Can this be something that’s considered a bug and be changed? C’mon Steinberg! Help us out with this!


No, it’s not a bug, it has been announced. Here is (one of) the official statement:

Ok. I get that. Use Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac mini. What about a PC?

Version 2 still works on a pc. It could be 2 years before v2 is removed. By then all plugin makers should have updated to v3

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I can confirm. On Windows, the VST 2.4 (and above) plug-ins are working the same way as it was in Cubase 11.

Thank you everyone! My anxiety level just plummeted.


Thanks so much, Martin.

Thanks Mkok!

I believe that Steinberg announced upcoming end of life for VST2 more than five years ago. Developers have had a very long time to prepare.

Re UAD there is some talk here:

This is something that will really impact my workflow as I have many UAD plug-ins. There are now a handful of UADx VST3 plug-ins available. These do not run on UAD hardware. Who knows how long Universal Audio will take to port them all over. I really need DAW that will support VST2.4 plug-ins. I’m slowly learning Pro Tools. If Cubase 13 doesn’t support VST 2.4 then it is unlikely I’ll upgrade unless there is new UAD hardware that supports VST3.

For now, Cubase 12 works fine on my MacBook Pro M1Pro.

You can open VST2 plugins in Cubase 12 on MacOS (Cubase running in Native mode) using a wrapper like Blue Cat patchwork.

I don’t know about Universal Audio plugins that run directly on UA hardware, but I think it should work.


Another way is to use Vienna Ensemble Pro hosting server, what I found the best “wrapper”, because it’s not a wrapper at all.

That may be much better, since the VST2 plugins you open with a wrapper, with Cubase 12 running in Native mode, have to be written for Native mode.

But you could have Vienna Ensemble Pro on a separate Intel-based computer… or I guess on another MAC with VEP running in Rosetta mode… OR I suppose on the same MAC as Cubase, with VEP running in Rosetta mode on that same MAC.