Why asio4all give less latency that default Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO?

I have win 10 x64, core i7 4.00 ghz, steinberg ur22mk2, cubase 9.5.3 pro. Why asio4all 2.14 give less latency that default Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver?

Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO: 16.4ms (512 samples buffer size)
Asio4all 2.14: 12.3ms (512 samples buffer size)

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My guess would be, asio4all is reporting the wrong latency to Cubase

Or, Maybe the Yamaha driver adds an extra (fixed) buffer. The buffer size and overall latency don’t really measure performance anyway. What really matters is whether or not the driver can deliver an uninterrupted audio stream at the selected latency or buffer size. And even then, an uninterrupted audio stream may not be the fault of the ASIO driver but is often a fault of the processor not being able to keep up. The ASIO driver and audio interface obviously can not convert an audio stream that it is still waiting to receive from the CPU…

By default your dedicated asio driver will usually outperform asio4all. But in some cases where the dedicated driver is very old or not suited for your system it can differ? Is it the same at lower or higher buffer sizes?

Steinberg/Yamaha drivers are absolutely the worst I ever had the misfortune to work with so it wouldn’t surprise me at all when asio4all outperforms them…

What equipment do you use them with?

I have two UR824 units connected via ADAT and they work solidly and reliably and always have. I can run them at 32 sample buffer size, which is a reasonably new low buffer size introduced as the drivers have developed.

It would be helpful to hear what your experience is in terms of equipment, drivers and examples.


How exactly did you measure this, to come up with such broad statement?

Hi all

Yes folkfreak, a rather sweeping statement there, I use the ur824 driver with no problems at all, have done for ages, certainly never needed to try anything else.

Best Regards, Dave

I’m late to the party on this thread but…

I don’t entirely disagree with folkfreak. I’ve accepted the fact that my drivers don’t like my hardware but choose not to go the expensive (for me) adat/FireWire 800 cable route. Today after I’d long given up on my MR816CSX getting below a 196 buffer setting with Steinberg/Yamaha drivers plus the little utility app, I thought I’d load in asio4all for the hell of it. So far I’m able to play through a guitar sim plugin at 64 samples and under 3ms round trip. I have a 1st generation i7 950 processor with power to spare.

So far, so good. Fingers crossed.

Maj=ke sure the same amount of I/O are active in A4A. I’m thinking it’s possible you didn’t setup all the I/Os… just a thought

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Not agreeing at all. Over the past 5 years, my worst experience was with Roland DOU drivers. My Yamaha equipment via USB = ROCK SOLID. :nerd_face:

Thanks! Happy New Year everyone! :smiley: