Why can I delete some VSTs and not others in Rack?

This has always been a mystery to me. Why do some VSTs have the trash can available for me to delete them from the rack while others the trash can is greyed out?

Yes, the present functionality is a little inconvenient…The only entry I can ever delete is the last one in the rack. It would be great to be able to re-order the rack and delete items at will. I expect this will occur at some point.

Well, in earlier Dorico versions it was basically the same. You could only ever delete the last slot, but if you used the trash icon on a slot from the middle of the list, it would not delete the slot but simply just unload the corresponding plug-in instance. So in that sense the implementation now is more consistent with the meaning of “trashing a slot”.

ah, I never even made the connection that it’s the last VST that is the only one you can delete. Dorico, please let us just delete selected VSTs.