Why can N10 not read/import my N8 configurations??

Every flipping time I install a new Nuendo main version I have go through the blinking setup procedure.

Why is Nuendo not intelligent enough to import all my settings from the previous version (N8)?

Just installed N10.1 and now I have to redo all my Preferences, Control Room, External Effects, Workspaces and (some) Plugin paths; and god knows what else.

I always let the installer put the programs where it wants to (which is always c:\program files\Steinberg) so it should know where previous versions are, and it is a pretty safe bet that I am not going to change my I/O settings from one minute to the next with every new version!

Installing a new Nuendo version is not at all slick - it is the opposite of slick - it is a constant nightmare. I’m really beginning to wonder why I bother updating.

We should be able to close the previous version, install the new version, open it and simply continue working without have to deal with loads of issues before it will even launch and function like the previous version.

And I don’t care for any of this ‘trash your preferences’ nonsense - Steinberg should be able to keep a handle on what happens when a new version is installed. Why should I be expected to recall all of my settings and enter them again?

Ever the optimist, I do install each new version with the belief that Steinberg will have sorted it out this time - but no, every time it’s the same hassle.

I can not imagine that the other DAW providers would see this state of affairs as being acceptable.

It’s the same for Cubase as well.

I understand your frustrations. Importing all your configurations from the previous versions should be made simpler and more straightfoward.

Then something must be wrong with the install.
I install app. one new version per week, and never-ever had to import my preferences, KC’s, Templates and others.
During install, the new version looks for the old(er) version and copies these settings into the new install.
Unless you have uninstalled the previous version before … obviously …

A simple copy/past of the preferences folder should fix your problem though …


Hi Fredo.

We’ve had this conversation before.

The same thing happens with every update.

I never uninstall previous versions.

Will the preference file also provide my I/O settings?

What is the fi!e called and where is it?

I leave all of these things to Nuendo, but it fails me every time. I’ve posted very similar messages in the past but nothing seems to have improved.

I installed N10 yesterday but I haven’t yet found the enthusiasm to get it up-and-running properly because of this.

Nevertheless, I have tried using Melodyne with ARA which I love, and the HiDPI mode is a fantastic improvement for my tired old eyes.

Well, there must be something that is different about your system, because otherwise everybody would have the same problem.

Read through this:

You must have a folder for each Nuendo version.
Each new version is creating a new folder, based on the preferences of the last installed.
So you should see a N10 and a N8 folder in there.
If so, then I am clueless about why this doesn’t work on your system. (Check admin, read/write permissions)

But you can try this:
Make a copy of your N8 folder. (This is now your safety. You can Always go back to these working prefs, just in case something goes wrong)
Do the same for your N10 folder. (Now you are completely safe, and can Always revert to the old situation)

Look inside the folder; the name of the xml will -mostly- give away what is stored.
You can even open the xml and see what is in it.
Copy these (or the missing) xml’s from the N8 to the N10 folder.
These will/should port over all of your settings/preferences from the N8 install.

One word of warning, when new features or “changes” are introduced, copying the old xml might not work. (correctly)
For example, N10 has completely new preferences for track/grid/waveform/… colors, so copying the old ones will not work. I think.


Thanks for your response Fredo.

I’ve had a look into this and can confirm that:

Each version of Nuendo is located in its own folder, as created by the relevant Nuendo installation program.

The Input and Output settings were copied over correctly by the N10 installation, but without their preset names which means they have to be immediately saved again in N10.

The Control Room configurations, Midi Devices, External Plugins and Preferences were NOT copied from N8 to N10.

Copying Defaults.xml and Configuration.xml make no difference.

I am now going to have to re-enter manually all my Preferences and Control Room settings.

Steinberg really needs to grab this issue by the nuts and get right on top of it - It just is not good enough; and I’m not the only one who thinks so - many users suffer the same problems.

BTW, I have no idea whether I am the system Administrator or the Janitor. It should make no difference. I am the only user of this PC. The important thing is that when ever a new version is installed it should accurately import/convert or expand all the settings from the previous version.

This has been happening for years, on various updates.
I’ve just installed N10 - External Effect, External Instruments and Control Room settings are imported fine, but Input and Output configs are missing.
Any idea which xml these would be under?

Sorry, I don’t know which files the ins and outs are stored in.

It’s funny that your experience with N10 is almost the exact opposite of mine. In my case the inputs and outputs were copied over but not the control room and external plugins.

Something’s not right here.

And hasn’t been for many updates. My routing presets can get pretty complex, and this has always been an annoyance. This update didn’t copy any of my presets or key commands across, except for CR and Externals :man_shrugging:t3:

Here’s what I did…

I opened all my templates in my current version (6.5) one by one (yes, I’m behind the curve a little here) and saved them as projects with no media in them. Next I opened them in Nuendo 10 and saved them as new templates after some small tweaks. This automatically imported my ins/outs, colors, midi ports etc…

That’s interesting, but it should not be necessary - an update should be seamless (that’s the professional way) and not require all sorts of tricks and schemes to get it going successfully.

I may try that next time around, but I’m currently not planning to update anymore beyond N10.

I made a ticket a couple of days ago about it, because I once lost all the settings when I installed n8 and didn’t want to experience the same. I will paste the official response I got, which was very thoroughly and precise, although it didn’t work 100% like he described. This still is too much of a hassle, and I hope this will be less painful in future releases.

“thank you for your mail.

You can safely install Nuendo 10 along-side Nuendo 8, the latter won’t be affected by the installation of the new version.

Nuendo 10 normally picks up the preferences from the previous version. However, it happens that preferences are actually not ported.
After installing N10, you might want to start it with right-click -> run as administrator and wait for the initialization - this way, it should more safely import the prefs (you’ll read 'Importing preferences from previous versions in the splash screen). The application should be closed after opening, as running it as admin is not receommended during normal use.

If not ported, the preferences you are interested in can be copied manually.

Previous versions behaved the same (N8 and N7), but if an application crashes before being able to save the preferences, these can get corrupted or gone altogether. I would advice to make a backup of your current Nuendo 8 preferences before doing anything else -in this way, you can always recover them.

Please, go to C:\Users*username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg (you need to enable View -> Hidden Items in Windows Explorer) and copy Nuendo 8_64 to a safe place.

You’ll see that some files have self-explanatory names: Key Commands saves your Key Commands, Port Setup your connections, Plugin Manager your custom plugin collections and so on. However, I’m afraid that the Control Room won’t be ported - it’s settings are saved in the Default.xml file, which is not ported due to colour/UI incompatibility with the previous versions.

It should be possible to extract the configuration of the Control Room from the file and copy it to the new preferences, though.
If you could send over your preferences, I’d gladly have a look at the info contained.

One last warning - Nuendo 10, contrary to previous versions, installs ‘for all users’ in order to avoid permission issues. This means that, if you have installed the previous versions ‘for the current user only’, you might have some content in one folder, some in another. The new installer includes the Steinberg Library Manager, in case of content issues, you can use that to move all files to the same folder, delete doubles and relocate files.

I hope this is helpful.”