Why Can't Cubase Read My Mind?

I bought Cubase 11.

Since I am freaking learning disabled and can’t understand ‘You know what’ about Cubase - I have decided to become a master of just Scale Assistant and conquer that first. I’ve spent a week on Scale Assistant so far and I’ve already conquered 2% of it . My Goal is Christmas after next.

This Snap Live Input thing - seems really cool .

It seems that if you have the Assistant use a C Major Scale and Then play wrong notes like F# and G# then the Assistant makes it all better and Ups those notes to G and A .

But what if I really wanted F# to go to F instead of G and G# to go to G instead of A ?

How long before you think they can fix this ?

Macbook pro
Cubase 11
J.T.S Brown Burbon

.5 always gets rounded up! :rofl:

Thank you for your reply .

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I believe they’ll get on this right after they implement my suggestion to always set the focus to whatever Window I’m currently looking at.


@raino I believe you can do that with some software and a camera