Why can't I assign a parameter to Focus QC in Halion 6?

I’m trying to assign the Cutoff parameter shown below to a Focus Quick Control. But when I put the QCs in Learn Mode and move the Cutoff knob nothing changes on the QC. Odds are I’m doing something dumb, but…?

This is just from memory as im not using focus quick controls anymore … but try setting one in the Remote control editor, if my memory serves it should pop up there in your focus QCs

The problem isn’t related to the Remote Controller - I can turn its physical knob and see it changing the QC virtual knob. The problem is telling the QC which parameter it should control.

Basically I’m trying to do what Dom is doing in this video at the 1:38 mark. I’ve successfully done this same task many times on different plug-ins both Steinberg and 3rd party. But for some reason it doesn’t work for Halion 6.


I made a video showing Retrologue & Halion side-by-side following the same steps and one works but the other doesn’t.

Have you ‘right clicked’ on the parameter and ‘assign to new automation’? I just tested it and i had the same behaviour as you untill i ‘assigned to new automation’…

hope this helps


Thanks that worked. I wonder why Halion has that extra step (and how long before I forget it is needed)?