Why can't I boost a glued track?


Can anyone tell me why I can’t boost a track that’s glued together of other parts?

Normally there is a little white square on top of each track if you hover the mouse over it (see picture). However, since I glued a track together, it’s gone now. I need to boost only half of the track, so I tried cutting it in two, but i can’t get that little white square to show. How else can I boost the output for the one half?

Cubase 9 PRO
Windows 10 (64 bit)

Hope you guys can help.

Audio events have that gain handle, parts don’t. When you glued the events you made a part. When you split the part you made two parts. So instead of splitting a part, you needed to use the command “Dissolve Part.”

All right, so is there anything I can do other than cutting the track into two and make a new track for that one?

Did you read my response?

I did, but I got confused by you saying “you needed to…” so I thought I should have done that earlier on and noting could be done now :slight_smile: . I get it now and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot!

Is there a way to boost several audio events at the same time since glueing them together won’t do that?