why can't I change tempo?

I saw that it was linked to DAW. What is a DAW?

I cannot believe I actually have to ask how to change a tempo. I should just double click on tempo, and be able to change it. The presumptuous nature of this programming - to presume that somehow I must become a programmer, instead of a musician - is unbelievable.

You should have never changed Groove Agent 1.

LOL it doesn’t even say what a DAW is in the so called Help file. Seriously, how is this company viable? I run 3 companies, am writing 2 books, and want to record in my free time - and so I wait. I paid. I wait. Because you can’t make software that is user friendly, or a help file that actually helps.

Still waiting. Guess tonight is blown.

And still waiting. What a superior form of customer service.

Take my money now. Make it wrong. Lousy help file. No response, like I have nothing better to do with my life.

Someday, I will buy this company. Heads will roll.

DAW = digital audio workstation. In this context it means your host application. Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools etc are DAWs. Tempo linked to DAW means you have to set the tempo in your DAWs’ project.

thanks. I have Artist 9. Where is that located, please?

never mind. Found it instantly.

Could have recorded 2 songs last night, if that simple explanation had been in the co called Help file.

Heads will roll when I buy this company.

Glad it works for you.

You might check your attitude though.

Heads will roll when I buy this company.

  • sounds like you’re a social bot programmed to show a distinct gangsterrap tendency :wink:

‘DAW’ is a wide spread term that should need no further explanation. It’s like you’re sitting in your new shiny car trying to engage the air conditioning system and while reading the manual you have no clue what ‘CAR’ means.